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Migrating out of Poverty is a seven-year research programme consortium (RPC) funded by the UK’s Department for International Development. It focuses on the relationship between internal and regional migration and poverty and is located in six regions across Asia, Africa and Europe. The RPC is co-ordinated by the University of Sussex.

We just finished our 3 day international conference. Check out what went on:
Gendered Dimensions of Migration: Material and Social Outcomes of South-South Migration 
30 June - 2 July 2015 in Singapore


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Migrating out of Poverty programme leaflet

Our main goal

The goal of the Migrating out of Poverty RPC is to maximise the poverty reducing and developmental impacts of migration and minimise the costs and risks of migration for poor people.

Although migration does not necessarily lead to such positive outcomes, the Migrating out of Poverty RPC works to produce research which sheds light on the circumstances in which migration can most effectively reduce poverty.

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Migrating out of Poverty new programme leaflet
New Programme Leaflet

The Migrating out of Poverty programme has a new leaflet outlining our aims, the kinds of issues we look at and our work on gender in particular.

Download the new leaflet.




Bus prepares to leave Nandom, Ghana for the journey South. Credit: Andrew McConnell/Panos

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DFID funded consortium researching internal+ regional #migration in relation to poverty in Africa+ Asia. Building capacity. Improving policy. Sharing knowledge.

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