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Gender relations and female migration for construction work within Nepal

Wednesday 19 April 9:00 until 17:00
SAP Falcha, Kathmandu, Nepal
Speaker: Nepal Institute of Development Studies workshop
Part of the series: Migrating out of Poverty


This workshop aims to present the findings of a study on gender relations within the family and workplace related to the migration of women from rural to urban areas for construction work. The expected outcome is to engage a number of stakeholders in government, civil society and the private sector with an interest in this issue. The study investigates who migrates and why, how the migration decision is taken and the negotiations involved at the household level, whether the migration has elements of coercion, who is left behind and why, the process of migration, working conditions and gender relations at the workplace, and the overall impact on migrants and their families. The study fills an important gap as there are few studies on the gender dynamics of female migration for construction work in Nepal. There are policy gaps in addressing the vulnerabilities of such migrants and improving the outcomes for them and their families. 


The main stakeholders that will participate in the workshop come from:

  • Policymakers 
  • Government labour offices, in charge of monitoring working conditions, wage structures and discrimination
  • Workers' unions 
  • Civil society organizations advocating the rights of migrant workers and women
  • Construction companies/contractors employing migrant labour especially female labour
  • Labour agents and brokers
  • Political parties’ wings dealing with labour and labour union
  • International organizations
  • Women’s-rights activists
  • The media
  • Remittance transfer agencies
  • Academics and researchers
  • Migrant construction workers


The workshop will be organized over half a day at SAP Falcha, a workshop space operated by a non-profit organization which is close to government offices and a popular venue for meetings.

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By: Allison Baldasare
Last updated: Wednesday, 19 April 2017


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