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MOOP colleagues win a Best Paper Award at the 3rd Diaspora International Conference in London


Yousra Abdelmoneim, one of our summer research assistants at Sussex, recently presented MOOP research on migration and poverty in Ethiopia at a two-day conference in London in July on Diaspora and Remittances, and was nominated by participants for the best presentation. The paper, titled “The economic impact of migration on the welfare of Ethiopian households”  and co-authored with Julie Litchfield, will be available soon on the MOOP website as a working paper.

Find more info on the conference here on Sudan Knowledege's website here

And the full programme and the paper downloads.

London Diaspora 2016

The critical role of Diaspora in international scientific cooperation with the country of origin

3rd Diaspora International Conference

University Square Stratford – London, United Kingdom

25-26 July 2016


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By: Allison Baldasare
Last updated: Monday, 5 September 2016


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