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Cambodia Comic Exhibition in the DHABA cafe - for the next 6 weeks

Cambodia comic - Khmer version

Precarious Migration: Voices of Undocumented Cambodian Migrants


In June 2014 the Thai military expelled all undocumented migrants from Thailand. Over the following two weeks some 200,000 Cambodian migrants fled home. This comic gives voice to the experiences of migrants caught up in that event. In the comic we share the stories of migrants and their families – the dangerous journeys that are made to reach Thailand, the working conditions, and the hopes and fears of those who stay at home looking after children and the household. We have translated the comic into Khmer and shared with villagers whose stories are told. We have also translated into Thai and shared with NGOs working for migrants rights in Thailand. All three language versions are available to download at: migratingoutofpoverty.dfid.gov.uk/publications/multimedia


Have a read of the comic produced from research transcripts talking with undocumented Cambodian migrants working in Thailand. In the Dhaba now. 

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By: Allison Baldasare
Last updated: Thursday, 2 February 2017


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