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Sharing the results of our Cambodia research project - our comic NOW in a Khmer language version

3 January 2017

Our recently published comic on Precarious Migration of Undocumented Cambodian Migrants now available in Khmer language version

What could go wrong at this year's GFMD? Open Democracy publishes our blog...

8 December 2016

What could go wrong at this year's GFMD? Ask two of our communications officers, and they'll tell you...

Thinking twice: Myths about migration - Debunking common stereotypes with MOOP research

8 December 2016

Read our new brief on Myths about migration - reflecting on our own research and some commonly held migration issues

MOOP colleagues win a Best Paper Award at the 3rd Diaspora International Conference in London

5 September 2016

Yousra Abdelmoneim and Dr Julie Litchfield present at the 3rd Diaspora International Conference on the economics of migration in Ethiopia

Internal Migration Eye - IMigE - Volume 3 Issue 2

1 September 2016

Our latest newsletter is out!

Book Review: Human Smuggling and Border Crossings by Dorte Thorsen

1 August 2016

Our Gender and Qualitative research theme leader, Dorte Thorsen, reviews Gabriella E. Sanchez's recently published book

Sussex scholar, Robert Nurick, takes his Cambodian research to the Mahidol Migration Regional Conference

27 July 2016

Sussex migration scholars present at the 4th Mahidol Migration Center Regional Conference: In the Era of Transnational Migration

Lessons learnt from the Translocality: (im)Mobility in transnational and urban contexts workshop in Johannesburg

21 July 2016

Our new intern with the African Centre for Migration & Society, Kudzai Vanyoro, comments on a recent workshop held by our partners in South Africa

It's a match: Kellynn Wee describes a LinkedIn-style platform being used by Domestic Workers in Singapore

20 July 2016

Experienced Domestic Workers find work without an employment agent in Singapore. Read this blog post by Kellynn Wee of the Asia Research Institute.

Me Migrant, a recently-published book by 24-year-old Bangladeshi poet and migrant construction worker

14 July 2016

Check out this recent blog post by Kellynn Wee, at our partner ARI, describing 'Me Migrant', a newly published book of poetry by a Bangladeshi migrant

Items 11 to 20 of 44

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