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New research on Bangladeshi men in Singapore's construction industry

Authors Grace Baey and Brenda Yeoh examine the different processes and practices that mediate Bangladeshi men's migration experiences and outcomes in Singapore's construction industry, as well as how they view and negotiate issues of debt and risk in their individual migration trajectories. The researchers take into account pre-departure decision-making, conditions of training and recruitment, as well as workers' employment experiences at destination to shed light on the specific conditions of precarity that underpin migration and construction work, whilst emphasising the men's livelihood strategies in negotiating pathways to upward mobility within this context.

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Posted on behalf of: Angela Haynes
Further information: http://migratingoutofpoverty.dfid.gov.uk/files/file.php?name=wp26-baey-yeoh-2015-migration-and-precarious-work.pdf&site=354
Last updated: Tuesday, 17 February 2015


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