Migrating out of Poverty shares its research through a series of in-house publications as well as a range of external outputs including peer-reviewed journal articles, books and book chapters. Papers published by the RPC are available to download for free from this site and new papers are added as soon as they are published.

Journal Articles

Peer-reviewed and accepted Journal Articles are listed here. These have been produced from our research and/or colleagues throughout the consortium's lifetime and beyond.

Working Papers

The flagship Working Papers series Migration Poverty and Development are peer-reviewed papers that present work in progress to encourage discussion and debate.

Briefings for Policy Makers

Briefings for Policy Makers are short documents summarising and reflecting on the research and its implications for policy. 


Download outputs or find the links to multimedia projects based on Migrating out of Poverty Research here

JUST PUBLISHED: Read our comic on the voices of undocumented Cambodian migrants

Data Sets

We currently have Quantitative Data sets from our research for Bangladesh, Indonesia, Ghana, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe

Research Reports

Research reports are designed to make available to other researchers the many details of empirical research that cannot be fitted into working papers.  

Book Chapters

Book chapters published by consortium members 


Factsheets contain information on the research

Donor Policy Document Factsheets

Two-page summaries of information about topics relevant to migration and poverty based on desk research.

Our commitment to Open Access

The RPC recognises the immense value of making all published documents, including databases, freely available to anyone wishing to use them. As well as publishing all documents and datasets free of charge, the RPC also places articles in Open Access repositories and submits all its materials to DFID’s R4D web site

All the papers are available to download as both Word (.doc) and PDF (.pdf) files. To download and read PDF files you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website. Files have been kept as light as possible, so they are easy to download on a slow connection. However, if you have problems downloading, please contact us:

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