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Cultural mediation through vernacularization: framing rights claims through the day-off campaign for migrant domestic workers in Singapore

Chiu Yee Koh, Kellynn Wee, Charmian Goh, and Brenda SA Yeoh International Migration

Drivers of migration policy reform: The day off policy for migrant domestic workers in Singapore

Chiu Yee Koh, Charmian Goh, Kellynn Wee, and Brenda SA Yeoh

Global Social Policy

October 2015 - September 2016


Debt, precarity and gender: Male and female temporary labour migrants in Singapore

Maria Platt, Grace Baey, Brenda SA Yeoh, Choon Yen Khoo, and Theodora Lam

Journal of Ethnic & Migration Studies

Renegotiating migration experiences: Indonesian domestic workers in Singapore and use of information communication technologies

Maria Platt, Brenda SA Yeoh, Kristel Anne Acedera and Choon Yen Khoo

New Media & Society


Labour Migration to the Construction Sector in India and its Impact on Rural Poverty

Ravi Srivastava and Rajib Sutradhar Indian Journal of Human Development

Of silent maids, skilled gardeners and careful madams: gendered dynamics and strategies of migrant domestic workers in Accra, Ghana

Mariama Awumbila, Joseph Kofi Teye, and Joseph Awatori Yaro GeoJournal

Towards contextualised, disaggregated and intersectional understandings of migration in India

Priya Deshingkar Asian Population Studies

Indonesian domestic workers and the (un)making of transnational livelihoods and provisional futures

Brenda S.A. Yeoh, Maria Platt, Choon Yen Khoo, Theodora Lam, and Grace Baey Social & Cultural Geography

Social Networks, Migration Trajectories and Livelihood Strategies of Migrant Domestic and Construction Workers in Accra, Ghana

Mariama Awumbila, Joseph Kofi Teye, and Joseph Awetori Yaro Journal of Asian and African Studies

Women Moving Within Borders: Gender and Internal Migration dynamics in Ghana

Mariama Awumbila Ghana Journal of Geography

The life struggles and successes of the migrant construction worker in Accra, Ghana

Joseph Awetori Yaro, Mariama Awumbila, and Joseph Kofi Teye  Ghana Journal of Geography

October 2014 - September 2015


South‐South Migration for Domestic Work and Poverty

Priya Deshingkar and Benjamin Zeitlyn Geography Compass

Temporalités, savoir-faire et modes d’action des enfants travailleurs migrants au sein de la parenté élargie en Afrique de l’Ouest

Dorte Thorsen and Mélanie Jacquemin  Canadian Journal of African Studies

October 2013 - September 2014

2014 Climate-related migration in rural Bangladesh: a behavioural model 
Maxmillan Martin, Motasim Billah, Tasneem Siddiqui, Chowdhury Abrar, Richard Black, Dominic Kniveton  Population and Environment

October 2012 - September 2013

2013 ‘Upwards’ or ‘Sideways’ cosmopolitanism? Talent/labour/marriage migrations in the globalising city-state of Singapore Brenda S. A. Yeoh  Migration Studies
2013 Prospects for free movement in the East African Community
Oucho, J.O.   Regions and Cohesion


Planning and Participation in Cities that Move: Identifying Obstacles to Municipal Mobility Management   Loren B. Landau, Aurelia Segatti and Jean Pierre Misago Public Administration and Development

October 2011 - September 2012

2012 Changing Local Government Responses to Migration in South Africa
Loren B. Landau Die Erde