Working Papers

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March 2017

Emic perspectives on brokering international migration for construction from Bangladesh to Qatar [PDF 624.78KB] C.R. Abrar, Priya Deshingkar, Mirza Taslima Sultana, Kazi Nurmohammad Hossainul Haque, and Md Selim Reza

March 2017

Gendered dynamics of remitting and remittance use in Northern Ghana [PDF 802.72KB] Joseph Kofi Teye, Mariama Awumbila, and Akosua Darkwah

January 2017

Brokerage in migrant domestic work in Ghana: complex social relations and mixed outcomes [PDF 902.46KB] Mariama Awumbila, Priya Deshingkar, Leander Kandilige, Joseph Kofi Teye, and Mary Setrana

October 2016

Translocal subjectivities within households 'in flux' in Indonesia [PDF 663.94KB] Maria Platt, Khoo Choon Yen, Brenda SA Yeoh, Gavin Luymes and Theodora Lam

October 2016

How unpopular policies are made: Policy making for migrant women in South Africa, Bangladesh and Singapore [PDF 694.08KB]
Ingrid Palmary and Thea de Gruchy
    October 2015 - September 2016  

September 2016

Gains and Losses from Internal Migration:_Evidence from Migrant-Sending Households in Ghana [PDF 1.08MB] Mariama Awumbila, Louis Boayke-Yiadom, Eva-Maria Egger, Julie Litchfield, Joseph Kofi Teye, and Collins Yeboah

September 2016

Of Local Places and Local People: Understanding Migration in Peripheral Capitalist Outposts [PDF 783.52KB] Akosua K. Darkwah, Mariama Awumbila, and Joseph Kofi Teye

September 2016

Gendered Practices of Remittances in Bangladesh:_A Poststructuralist Perspective [PDF 643.65KB] Syeda Rozana Rashid

September 2016

Does Migration Improve Living Standards of Migrant-Sending Households? Evidence from Rural Ethiopia [PDF 1.15MB] Yousra Abdelmoneim and Julie Litchfield

September 2016

Choosing a Life: Remittances and Youth Aspirations in Bangladeshi Villages [PDF 581.07KB] Syeda Rozana Rashid and Jalal Uddin Sikder

September 2016

Changing Policy:_Lessons from the Trafficking in Persons Act (2013) in South Africa [PDF 849.82KB] Ingrid Palmary and Thea de Gruchy

August 2016

Who's holding the bomb? Debt-financed migration in Singapore's domestic work industry [PDF 1015.92KB] Charmian Goh, Kellynn Wee, and Brenda S.A. Yeoh

July 2016

Public Policy Formation_A Case Study of Domestic Workers in Bangladesh [PDF 1.21MB] ASM Ashraf

May 2016

The Dynamics of Policy Formulation and Implementation: A Case Study of Singapore's Mandatory Weekly Day Off Policy for Migrant Domestic Workers [PDF 786.89KB] Chiu Yee Koh, Charmian Goh, Kellynn Wee, and Brenda S.A. Yeoh

May 2016

Migration and Socio-Economic Development in African Cities: The Dual Challenge to the Aerotropolis Project of South Africa's Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality [PDF 601.46KB] Jean Pierre Misago

January 2016

New Zealand's Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme: An Object Lesson in Policy Making – But for Whom? [PDF 809.79KB] L. Alan Winters

January 2016

Moving to greener pastures? Internal migration, land tenure and poverty in mid-Ghana [PDF 1.24MB]

Jon Sward 
WP32 May 2016 Migration Consumption Smoothing and Household Income: Evidence from Thailand [PDF 841.42KB]

Ju Qiu and Yaping Wu


October 2014 - September 2015

WP31 September 2015

Migration and Social Networks: Evidence from Bangladesh [PDF 672.74KB]

Julie Litchfield, Raisul Mahmood, Tasneem Siddiqui, Eva-Maria Egger, and Shayan Ansari

WP30 September 2015

Pragmatic Pathways: Critical Perspectives on Research Uptake in the Global South [PDF 668.96KB]

Kudakwashe P. Vanyoro

WP29 September 2015

Migrating out of Poverty in Zimbabwe [PDF 914.05KB]

Vupenyu Dzingirai, Eva-Maria Egger, Loren Landau, Julie Litchfield, Patience Mutopo and Kefasi Nyikahadzoi

WP28 September 2015

Are Migrant Households better off than Non-Migrant Households? Evidence from Ghana [PDF 1.01MB]

Mariama Awumbila, Joseph Kofi Teye, Julie Litchfield, Louis Boakye-Yiadom, Priya Deshingkar, and Peter Quartey
WP27 April 2015 How Migration into Urban Construction Work Impacts on Rural Households in Nepal [PDF 1.25MB] Jagannath Adhikari and Priya Deshingkar
WP26 February 2015 Migration and Precarious Work: Negotiating Debt, Employment, and Livelihood Strategies Amongst Bangladeshi Migrant Men Working in Singapore’s Construction Industry [PDF 897.61KB] Grace Baey and Brenda S.A. Yeoh
WP25 February 2015 Structural Conditions and Agency in Migrant Decision Making: A case of domestic and construction workers from Java, Indonesia [PDF 651.81KB] Khoo Choon Yen, Maria Platt, Brenda S.A. Yeoh and Theodora Lam
WP24 December 2014 Migration and Information Communication Technology Use: A Case Study of Indonesian Domestic Workers in Singapore [PDF 562.73KB] Maria Platt, Brenda S.A. Yeoh, Kristel Anne Acedera, Khoo Choon Yen, Grace Baey and Theodora Lam
WP23 November 2014 Institutional Strengthening of the Office of Labour Attaché: Research Findings from Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka [PDF 636.86KB] C. R. Abrar, S. Irudaya Rajan, L. K. Ruhunage & Tasneem Siddiqui
    October 2013 - September 2014  
WP22 October 2014 Gendered Migration Patterns, Processes and Outcomes: Results from a Household Survey in Ponorogo, Indonesia [PDF 1.13MB] Khoo Choon Yen, Maria Platt, Brenda S.A. Yeoh, Silvia Mila Arlini, Grace Baey, Theodora Lam, Sukamdi, Julie Litchfield and Endang Sugiyarto
WP21 September 2014 Is Migration the Solution to Poverty Alleviation in Kenya? Rural-Urban Migration Experiences of Migrants from Western Kenya to Kisumu and Nairobi [PDF 1.20MB] John O. Oucho, Linda A. Oucho and Vollan Ochieng
WP20 September 2014 Counting the Cost of Securitising South Africa’s Immigration Regime [PDF 594.71KB] Gregory Mthembu-Salter, Roni Amit,
Chandre Gould and Loren B. Landau
WP19 September 2014 Managing Migration in Southern Africa: Tools for Evaluating Local Government Responsiveness [PDF 712.03KB] Caitlin Blaser and Loren B. Landau
WP18 September 2014 Confirmations, Coffins and Corn: Kinship, Social Networks and Remittances from South Africa to Zimbabwe [PDF 689.82KB]

Vupenyu Dzingirai, Patience Mutopo and
Loren B. Landau

WP17 July 2014 Poverty, Youth and Rural-Urban Migration in Ethiopia [PDF 672.00KB] Adamnesh Atnafu, Linda Oucho and Benjamin Zeitlyn
WP16 July 2014 International Migration, Trade and Aid: A Survey [PDF 1.02MB]

Christopher Parsons and L. Alan Winters

WP15 May 2014 Does Migration for Domestic Work Reduce Poverty? A Review of the Literature and an Agenda for Research [PDF 653.26KB] Priya Deshingkar and Benjamin Zeitlyn
with Bridget Holtom
WP14 May 2014 Internal and Regional Migration for Construction Work: A Research Agenda [PDF 675.01KB]

Benjamin Zeitlyn and Priya Deshingkar
with Bridget Holtom

WP13 April 2014 Can Rural-Urban Migration into Slums Reduce Poverty? Evidence from Ghana [PDF 1.52MB]

Mariama Awumbila, George Owusu, Joseph Kofi Teye

WP12 March 2014 Internal Remittances and Poverty: Further evidence from Africa and Asia [PDF 1.68MB] Andy McKay and Priya Deshingkar
WP11 November 2013 Social Polarisation and Migration to Johannesburg [PDF 996.56KB] Jacqueline Borel-Saladin
WP10 November 2013
Financing Migration, Generating Remittances and the Building of Livelihood Strategies: A Case Study of Indonesian Migrant Women as Domestic Workers in Singapore [PDF 1.36MB]

Maria Platt, Brenda S.A. Yeoh, Grace Baey, Khoo Choon Yen, Theodora Lam, Dhiman Das & Miriam Ee

    October 2012 - September 2013  
WP09 September 2013 Rural-Urban and Urban-Rural Migration Flows as Indicators of Economic Opportunity in Sub-Saharan Africa: What do the data tell us? [PDF 919.38KB]

Deborah Potts

WP08 September 2013 A Review of Internal and Regional Migration Policy in Southeast Asia [PDF 797.10KB] Maureen Hickey, Pitra Narendra and Katie Rainwater
    October 2011 - September 2012  
WP07 September 2012 Internal Migration Remittances and Poverty [PDF 1.47MB] Adriana Castaldo, Priya Deshingkar and Andy McKay
WP06 March 2012 Human Mobility and Climate Change adaptation policy: A review of migration in National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPAs) [PDF 1.09MB] Jon Sward and Samuel Codjoe
WP05 March 2012 Decent Work Country Programmes And Human Mobility [PDF 1.32MB] Priya Deshingkar, Jon Sward and Elisenda Estruch-Puertas
WP02 September 2012 Impact of Migration on Poverty and Development [PDF 668.27KB] Tasneem Siddiqui
WP01 March 2012 Drivers of Migration [PDF 702.97KB] Nicholas Van Hear, Oliver Bakewell and Katy Long