Migration and climate change

There is no doubt that climate change will affect patterns of human migration, however the nature of its impact is still unclear. Research is needed to improve understanding of and preparation for climate induced migration by all stakeholders. Evidence in this area will aim to strengthen the ability of the governments to understand, plan for and respond to climate induced migration, and reduce the vulnerability of those populations factoring climate change into their decision of whether or not to migrate.

Researchers in RMMRU and the University of Sussex are investigating climate change related migration in Bangladesh.

Migration and Global Environmental Change

The research project Migration and Global Environmental Change examines how profound changes in environmental conditions such as flooding, drought and rising sea levels will influence and interact with patterns of global human migration over the next 50 years.

Sir John Beddington, Professor Richard Black and Neil Adger explain what the final report concludes and what it means for the future of global migration.

Working papers

DateTitle and downloadAuthors
March 2012 Human Mobility and Climate Change adaptation policy: A review of migration in National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPAs) [PDF 1.09MB] Jon Sward and Samuel Codjoe
June 2008 Demographics and Climate Change: Future Trends and their Policy Implications for Migration Richard Black, Dominic Kniveton, Ronald Skeldon, Daniel Coppard, Akira Murata and Kerstin Schmidt-Verkerk

Other resources

DateTitle and downloadAuthorsNotes
August 2013

Climate change and internal migration intentions in the forest-savannah transition zone of Ghana

Mumuni Abu, Samuel Nii Ardey Codjoe and Jon Sward

Population and Environment

article can be accessed online (subscription required)

September 2012 Impact of migration on urban destination areas in the context of climate change [PDF 1.01MB] Helen Adams, Neil Adger, Stephen Bennett, Priya Deshingkar, Jon Sward and James Waters  
January 2012 Environmental risk, resilience and migration: implications for natural resource management and agriculture [PDF 186.45KB] Priya Deshingkar Link to publisher