Migration and policy

A growing number of governments worldwide have developed policies that impact on migration and development but there has been little analysis of the processes that underpin their genesis. Migration policies are often introduced to respond to immediate political priorities but their implementation and impact are rarely evaluated. As a result there is insufficient understanding among policymakers and donors of which policies have  maximised the development impact of migration and why.

The Consortium’s work in this area will focus on the analysis and evaluation of labour market, recruitment and diaspora policies. In addition to developing a shared evidence-base on which policies work and which do not, a methodology for policy analysis and evaluation in this field will also be developed.

Country papers

DateTitle and downloadAuthors
November 2004 Migration and Pro-Poor Policy in West Africa Richard Black, Savina Ammassari, Shannon Mouillesseaux and Radha Rajkotia
November 2004 Migration and Pro-Poor Policy in East Africa Richard Black, Lyndsay McLean Hilker and Claire Pooley
November 2004 Migration and Pro-Poor Policy in Africa Richard Black