Policy Dialogue

Highlights Film


On Day 3 of the Gender Conference, we held a policy dialogue panel with two sessions and invited guest speakers with relevant policy knowledge and interest. 

The first session revolved around one of our conference themes: Gender Dynamics in Labour Markets. The invited speakers were Igor Bosc (ILO), Yuko Hamada (IOM), Bandana Pattanaik (GAATW) and Anja Wessels (HOME) with Peter Evans (DFID) as chair.   

The second session revolved around another of our conference themes: Expectations and Moralities surrounding Remittances. The invited speakers were Dilip Ratha (World Bank), Endang Sugiyarto (MOOP) Guntur Sugiyarto (ADB) and Rosemary Vargas-Lundius (IFAD) with L. Alan Winters (MOOP, University of Sussex) as chair. 

Please check out this short film on the highlights from these discussions:

 (hover over the box below and click to play)


Film shot and edited with guidance from Dorte Thorsen and Kate Hawkins by Optical Films PTE Ltd in Singapore. Thanks Yiqin!